CLC - Carpathian Logistics Congress

Conference Proceedings - CLC 2022

10th Carpathial Logistics Congress
June 15 - 17, 2022 / Hotel Pod Zámkom, Bojnice, Slovakia, EU
ISSN: 2694-9318
ISBN: 978-80-88365-08-2
Proceedings of the conference have been sent to Web of Science and Scopus for evaluation and potential indexing.

The 10th Carpathian Logistics Congress CLC 2022 took place in Bojnice on June 15 - 17, 2022. Almost 70 participants from 7 countries listened to 22 lectures and viewed 31 posters. After a two-year break caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the congress could take place this year in the traditional format again.

The congress was organized under the patronage of the General Director of the Water Transport Section of the MDV SR Ing. Tomas Kalina, PhD.

The conference was opened by Assoc. Professor Sheng Teng Huang from the College of Maritime Science and Management, National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU). He dedicated his lecture to exploring resilient solutions through facilitating intelligent port digital transformation in post pandemic world. The second plenary lecture was given online by Dr. Diana Sánchez-Partida from Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) in Mexico. The lecture dealt with the disaster risk reduction in Mexico: the most frequent natural disasters and their tendency in mexico from a perspective based on humanitarian logistics. The last plenary lecture of the CLC 2022 congress was given by Ing. Peter Mesarč, country manager at Bolt Market Slovakia. Ing. Mesarč introduced speed as a key element of competitive advantage in logistic flows.

However, the thematic scope of the lectures at the conference was traditionally much broader. Researchers presented innovations not only in strategic, production and business logistics, supply chains and networks, distribution and transport, but also in quality management and risk management.

The prize for the best poster has been awarded to HRUDKAY Karol, MADLEŇÁKOVÁ Lucia, ČULÍK Kristián, MORGOŠ Ján from University of Žilina, Slovakia. In their work, they showed the City Logistics in the Centre of a Slovak County Town.

The next 11th CLC congress will take place on September 20 - 22, 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic. The congress will be under patronage of the ŠKODA logistika.

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HRUDKAY Karol University of Žilina, University Science Park, Žilina, Slovak Republic, EU,,,
Co-authors: MADLEŇÁKOVÁ Lucia ČULÍK Kristián MORGOŠ Ján
Abstract: With the rising living standard, traffic in city centres has been becoming more congested and more and more cities have to adapt different measures and regulations of traffic in their centres. In order to be these measures effective, they should be data-based, and moreover the data must be likelihood.In the framework of international project Clevernet - Implementation of innovative sensor networks in cross - border regions, a network of traffic sensors was deployed in the centre of Žilina in mid-2021. [..] Read more
CHAMIER-GLISZCZYŃSKI Norbert Koszalin University of Technology, Koszalin, Poland, EU, norbert.chamier-
Co-authors: DYCZKOWSKA Joanna
Abstract: Logistics 4.0 as a concept that focuses on the increased integration of enterprises within open supply chains, the development of management support IT systems, logistic processes automation and control, generates changes in the logistic planning process. The article presents a method of logistics planning that allows the implementation of the planning process in a comprehensive view in accordance with the assumptions of Logistics 4.0. [..] Read more
KAČMÁRY Peter Technical University of Košice, Faculty BERG, Institute of Logistics and Transport, Košice, Slovakia, EU,,
Co-authors: ONDERIŠINOVÁ Adriána
Abstract: The world is facing to various hazards globally over the last three years, such as: the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Even the ongoing war conflict between Russia and Ukraine does not add stability to the market and the ever-increasing prices of energy and some staple foods are changing consumer prices and making the situation confusing. [..] Read more
KLIMENT Marek TUKE - Technical University of Košice, Slovakia, EU,,,,
Abstract: Today, the digitization, improvement and acceleration of all processes means the efforts of manufacturing companies and companies to move their production to a higher level. They try to find such possibilities that will allow them to optimize production as best as possible under the most favorable economic conditions. [..] Read more
KNAPCIKOVA Lucia Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies with the seat in Prešov, Prešov, Slovakia, EU, , ,
Co-authors: TAUBEROVÁ Rebeka MARTICEK Matus
Abstract: In addition to a stable economy, the circular model should also ensure a healthy environment. The yield in this system is based on the efficiency of using natural resources through efficient recovery. [..] Read more
KOPEC Ján Technical University of Košice, Department of industrial and digital engineering, Košice, Slovakia, EU,
Co-authors: PEKARČÍKOVÁ Miriam TROJAN Jozef
Abstract: This article shows the digital version of a laboratory designed for training logistics processes. Digital models are exact copies of real laboratory equipment. [..] Read more
KOVALČÍK Jakub Technical University of Košice, Department of Logistics and Transport, Košice, Slovakia, EU,,
Co-authors: STRAKA Martin
Abstract: The development of modern technologies under the designation Industry 4.0 or Industry 5.0 brings new possibilities in terms of logistics management and implementation in practice as well as independent autonomous systems. The use of innovative systems composed of physical models brings new opportunities in the teaching process. [..] Read more
PUKA Radosław AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland, EU,
Co-authors: ŁAMASZ Bartosz
Abstract: The job scheduling problem is one of the biggest optimization challenges for manufacturing companies. A properly performed planning can reduce both cost and production time. [..] Read more
MALINDZAKOVA Marcela TUKE - Technical University of Kosice, Faculty of Mining, Process Control and Geotechnology, Institute of Logistics and Transport, Kosice, Slovakia, EU,
Co-authors: GARAJ Patrik BINDZÁR Peter
Abstract: This paper is focused at increasing the efficiency of the supply and demand chain in a company engaged in the assembly and production of individual components for the automotive industry. Each company uses different tools to increase its competitiveness. [..] Read more
MAREČEK-KOLIBISKÝ Martin Faculty of Material Science and Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Trnava, Slovakia, EU,,
Co-authors: KUČEROVÁ Marta
Abstract: The Lean Six Sigma methodology is a disciplined and logical approach that is used in industrial companies to improve various processes. The essence of improvement is to reduce variability, eliminate defects and eliminate waste, especially in manufacturing processes of which logistics activities are an integral part. [..] Read more
MIZERÁK Marek TUKE - Technical University of Kosice, Faculty of mechanical engineering, Department of industrial and digital engineering, Kosice, Slovakia, EU,,,
Co-authors: TREBUŇA Peter KLIMENT Marek
Abstract: This poster deals with the current issue of industrial localization using RTLS technology, which is now widely introduced in the logistics industry and thus creates a number of opportunities for the possibility of process optimization. This poster highlights the specific use of this technology in logistics flows, which now needs to be thoroughly researched. [..] Read more
MORGOS Jan University of Zilina, University scientific park, Zilina, Slovakia, EU,
Co-authors: HRUDKAY Karol CINGEL Michal CULIK Kristian
Abstract: Due to massive increase of using of different types of city transport e.g. cars, bicycles, segways, scooters, or electric scooters also increases the potential risk of collisions or critical situations. [..] Read more
NACHTIGALL Petr University of Pardubice, Pardubice, Czech Republic, EU,,
Co-authors: TISCHER Erik
Abstract: Simulation software has become an integral part of solving scientific problems. Transport is no exception; therefore, every transport project must be based on a model and simulation. [..] Read more
ONDOV Marek Technical University of Kosice, Institute of Logistics and Transport, Kosice, Slovakia, EU,,
Co-authors: MUZIK Jakub BETUS Miroslav SOFRANKO Marian ROSOVA Andrea
Abstract: Logistics is being used primarily on supply and retail chains, but also it is an essential tool in solving crisis situations. Applied logistics refers to a set of applied principles and methods of logistics to solve problems in the physical distribution and flow of goods and services in various areas of society. [..] Read more
PUKA Radosław AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland, EU,
Co-authors: ŁAMASZ Bartosz
Abstract: One of the most popular algorithms for solving the permutation flow shop scheduling problem (PFSP) for the makespan minimization criterion is the NEH algorithm. Many research papers have been devoted to the NEH algorithm and its improvements. [..] Read more
Co-authors: SADEROVA Janka ONDOV Marek SOFRANKO Marian MUDARRI Tawfik KOVAC Jan
Abstract: Mining industry is still the only supplier of mineral resources. Loading and transportation represents an integral part of the logistics system in each mining company. [..] Read more
SANIUK Sebastian University of Zielona Góra, Zielona Góra, Poland, EU,
Abstract: The Fourth Industrial Revolution means the universal digitization of all areas of the economy, including industry and logistics. New digital technologies enable real-time monitoring of production processes and obtain a high level of flexibility and productivity of cyber-physical systems (CPS). [..] Read more
SOFRANKO Marian Technical University of Kosice, Institute of Earth Sources, Kosice, Slovakia, EU,
Co-authors: ONDOV Marek ROSOVA Andrea HORIZRALOVA Kristina
Abstract: The article deals with a very current topic, which is humanitarian logistics. Although logistics is mostly used in commercial supply chains, it is also an important tool in disaster relief operations. [..] Read more
SPIŠÁK Ján TUKE - Technical University of Košice, Košice, Slovakia, EU,
Abstract: The article addresses the methodology of synergistic design of complex and advanced production systems as a basic approach to technological logistics. Generically, it further develops process of generalizing the author's 25 years of practical experience in designing and logistics optimization of technological processes and summarizes the results of more than 150 research and innovation projects, solved in the past. [..] Read more
STAŠ David ŠKODA AUTO University, Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic, EU,,
Co-authors: LENORT Radim WICHER Pavel
Abstract: The paper deals with the issue of capacity balancing at the operational level of production management. The authors focused on the possibilities of supporting planning and decision-making processes, where they provided planning staff (production planners) with measures to gradually balance the production schedule in relation to the available production capacities. [..] Read more
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