CLC - Carpathian Logistics Congress

Conference Proceedings - CLC 2015

Carpathian Logistics Congress
November 4th - 6th 2015 / Priessnitz Spa, Jesenik, Czech Republic, EU
ISSN: 2694-9318
ISBN: 978-80-87294-61-1
Proceedings of the conference were published in Web of Science.

5th International congress CLC 2015 - Carpathian Logistics Congress was held on November 4th - 6th 2015 in beautiful Priessnitz Spa, Jesenik, Czech Republic, EU. From 117 registered participants, 108 persons from the 5 countries attended the congress (46 participants from the Czech Republic, 44 from Poland, 16 from Slovakia, others from Germany and Russian Federation). The participants presented 40 lectures and 61 posters.

The congress was divided into 4 sessions and poster session:
Plenary session: 4 papers
Session A - Supply Chain Management: 19 papers
Session B - Production Logistics: 6 papers
Session C - Distribution Logistics: 6 papers
Session D - Reverse Logistics: 5 papers
Poster session (A - D): 61 posters

Chairmen of the sessions evaluated the lectures and posters and decided to award:

The Best Poster Contest:

  1. GIEL Robert, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland, EU
    The Evaluation Method of the Process of Municipal Waste Collection
  2. WICHER Pavel, VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czech republic, EU
    Measurement System for Logistics Performance in Wholesale Company
  3. FILL Maroš, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia, EU
    Methods Designing as Support of Logistics Systems Activity

During the congress, the participants enjoyed spa procedures and social evening. The participants evaluated the congress as successful.

Presentation of companies:
Comac Jobs s.r.o.
GABEN, spol. s r.o.
PQL poradenství pro kvalitu a logistiku, s.r.o.

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LIEBETRUTH Thomas OTH Regensburg – Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg, Germany, EU,
Abstract: Megatrends have a high impact on logistics processes. Nevertheless some companies are still hesitating to start initiatives to react to it. [..] Read more
WITKOWSKI Jarosław Wroclaw University of Economics, Wroclaw, Poland, EU,
Co-authors: CHEBA Katarzyna
Abstract: A logistic strategy, which is one of the operational strategies of enterprises, constitutes a composition of long-term and coordinated decisions and activities regarding location, transport, warehousing, inventory management and customer service aimed at attaining a competitive advantage. Strategic choices concerning the company logistics depend on many factors, both connected with its internal capacity and with external circumstances, including macroeconomic, regulatory, demographic, social, infrastructure and technological changes. [..] Read more
Malindžák D. Faculty of BERG, TU Košice, 043 84 Košice,
Co-authors: Mervart J. Vrlíková J.
Abstract: Supply Chain Management offer long-term stability for business volumes confidence contractual relationship and the possibility of greater efficiency and optimization of the entire supply chain. On the other hand, it follows the seasonal peaks and dips of orders by customers (which is due to optimal management of adverse event). [..] Read more
ZÁVADSKÁ Zuzana Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica, Slovak Republic, EU,,,
Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to analyze the consistency of performance indicators related to logistics processes in the selected manufacturing company. Research explores two basic areas: 1) which performance indicators are applied in measuring and assessing logistics processes and 2) how are defined attributes of performance indicators, which should create a consistent system for measuring and evaluating performance. [..] Read more
MATWIEJCZUK Rafał Opole University, Opole, Poland, EU,
Abstract: Firms permanently search for new methods and instruments of performance improvement, as well as for strategies and operational programs affecting business competitive advantage achievement and maintenance. During the recent years, one may notice the progressive growth of logistics significance as a management concept influencing economic outcomes (profit, profitability, ROA, ROE, ROI) and market outcomes (customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, market share) achievement by a firm. [..] Read more
PELLEŠOVÁ Pavlína Silesian University in Opava, School of Business Administration in Karvina, Czech Republic, EU,,,,
Co-authors: BOTLÍK Josef BOTLÍKOVÁ Milena KOSTKOVÁ Miroslava
Abstract: Business success is based, among other things, on the ability to manage the company and to affect own position in the networks structures of the supplier-customer relations. Internal, but especially external processes, situated among company and its suppliers have an important role in optimization of business environment. [..] Read more
BURCHART-KOROL Dorota Central Mining Institute, Katowice, Poland, EU,
Co-authors: CZAPLICKA-KOLARZ Krystyna KRUCZEK Mariusz
Abstract: This paper presents importance and the benefits of integration of circular economy in supply chain management. The main aim of the paper is to implicate of circular economy principles across the supply chain. [..] Read more
FELIKS Jerzy AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Management, Krakow, Poland,
Co-authors: KARKULA Marek MAJEWSKA Katarzyna
Abstract: Modern engineered systems, both manufacturing and service-related include supply chains systems, are becoming increasingly complex. The complexity of these systems is multi-dimensional, namely: structural, spatial and temporal. [..] Read more
BĄKOWSKA-MORAWSKA Urszula University Wroclaw of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Management and Tourism in Jelenia Góra, Jelenia Góra, Poland, EU,
Abstract: Resilience strategy can be implemented in a passive and active way. The passive one refers to concentrating on protecting the supply chain against the threats occurring in the environment. [..] Read more
ODLANICKA-POCZOBUTT Monika Silesian University of Technology, Zabrze, Poland, EU,
Abstract: Performance measurement is a topic which is often discussed by both academics and practitioners but it is complicated by its multi-dimensional nature. One way of overcoming the inherent complexity of performance measurement system might be to employ structured design methodologies. [..] Read more
MAROUŠEK Roman ŠKODA AUTO University, Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic, EU,;
Co-authors: NOVOTNÝ Petr
Abstract: Innovation and technology play an important role in improving productivity in logistics chains. Having enough articles in one’s warehouse does not suffice to meet the increasing customer requirements. [..] Read more
ŁOBAZIEWICZ Monika OPTeam S.A., Jasionka, Poland, EU,
Abstract: The efficiency of logistics processes is still a current problem in construction companies. Many construction companies do not achieve the required level of efficiency of these processes, because they are not well managed. [..] Read more
KOLAROVSZKI Peter University of Žilina, Žilina, Slovakia, EU,;
Co-authors: TENGLER Jiří
Abstract: Article deals with research in field of automatic identification by selected components through radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) in conjunction with automotive industry. The aim of our research was to identify all RFID identifiers placed on selected components and to localize position floodlights, which was stored on pallet. [..] Read more
TENGLER Jiří University of Žilina, Žilina, Slovakia, EU,;;
Abstract: The article deals with research of usability passive RFID technology with transport units and postal packages for real postal operator. In this article we would like to share a way of testing and the results that we found during the test in real conditions. [..] Read more
DOSTÁL Petr BUT Brno – Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: Škapa Stanislav
Abstract: Forecasting methods have had successful applications in business. Nowadays the new theories of soft computing are used in this field because it helps to lead to higher profits. [..] Read more
HART Martin Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management, Zlín, Czech Republic, EU,,,
Co-authors: TARABA Pavel KONEČNÝ Jiří
Abstract: The purchasing of an industrial company or an organization of tertiary sphere is one of the functional management fields. The effective functioning of the purchasing systems is the important presumption to reach high level of the competitive advantage of the organizations. [..] Read more
KLÉZL Vojtěch VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic, EU,
Abstract: This paper offers a new perspective on factors influencing the results of reverse electronic auctions (e-auctions) in purchase. Using the expert-performance approach established by Ericsson and Towne [1], we examine the claim by Smeltzer and Carr [2] that qualified and experienced buyers tend to perform better in e-auctions. [..] Read more
ŻUKOWICZ Marek OPTeam S.A., Jasionka, Poland, EU,;
Co-authors: ŁOBAZIEWICZ Monika
Abstract: The main purpose of this article is to show how it can be used Hamiltonian graphs and their property in the software designing and testing. In the article there are described Hamiltonian graphs that are necessary to understand the content of the research conducted in a frame of R&D project called "The prototype of an innovative and technologically advanced OPTIbud B2B platform that supports the management of construction processes through the integration of data and information from multiple sources", funded by the National Research and Development Centre under the INNOTECH program, Hi-Tech path. [..] Read more
BÍNOVÁ Helena Technical University in Prague, Praha, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: JURKOVIČ Martin
Abstract: In connection with the new focus on the European transport network TEN-T is very important to focus the logistics research on proposal of public logistics centres with access to the intermodal transport network. In terms of transport externalities and the capacity of existing transport infrastructure, for future transportation of goods within the EU are very perspective inland waterways and rail network. [..] Read more
MICHLOWICZ Edward AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland, EU,
Co-authors: ZWOLIŃSKA Bożena SMOLIŃSKA Katarzyna
Abstract: Systemic approach allows to see the production enterprise as a complex system of production and auxiliary facilities. In process approach, manufacturing makes the stream of materials flow through individual production cells in a mixed (serial - parallel) system, in a discreet way (in steps). [..] Read more
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