Articles must be written in a mandatory template, which is ready for download on the conference website, along with detailed instructions for authors. The template contains predefined writing styles, the basic structure of the article is determined and the length of the article is recommended to be 6 pages.

After the conference, submitted articles are peer-reviewed. The accepted ones are processed into the "Conference Proceedings" and sent to Web of Science and Scopus for evaluation and potential indexing as well.

Criteria for inclusion of an article into the Conference Proceedings:

  • article registered via the website of the respective conference
  • scientific article focused on the topic of the session
  • article processed according to the template (obligatory template can be downloaded on the conference website)
  • paid conference fee
  • presentation of the article at the conference

Reviews of the conference articles are arranged by leading scientific national institutions. As part of the review process, authors may be asked to remove flaws. Reviewer prompts the author to correct the article max. twice. If the author fails to deliver the corrected article, or if the corrected article does not meet the required criteria, the program committee reserves the right to reject the article.

By submitting an article to the conference system, the author explicitly agrees that the article can be used in "Conference Proceedings", which will be also sent to the online services Web of Science and Scopus for evaluation and potential indexing as well.

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