CLC - Carpathian Logistics Congress

Conference Proceedings - CLC 2018

CLC 2018 - Carpathian Logistics Congress
December 3 - 5, 2018 / Wellness Hotel Step, Prague, Czech Republic, EU
ISSN: 2694-9318
ISBN: 978-80-87294-88-8
Proceedings of the conference were published in Web of Science.

8th International congress CLC 2018 - Carpathian Logistics Congress was held on December 3rd - 5th 2018 in Wellness Hotel Step, Prague, Czech Republic, EU. The congress was organized by TANGER Ltd. together with ŠKODA AUTO University and under the patronage of ŠKODA AUTO Logistics. Almost 200 participants from 11 countries attended the congress (113 participants from Poland, 55 from the Czech Republic, 26 from Slovak Republic, 5 from Turkey, etc). The participants presented 60 lectures and 100 posters. The congress was divided into 5 sessions and poster session:

  • Plenary Session - New Challenges of Supply Chain Management
  • Session A - Supply Chain Management (SCM) Strategy and Planning
  • Session B - Primary Logistics Processes
  • Session C - Support Logistics Processes
  • Session D - Cross-Functional Logistics and Supply Chain Drivers
  • Poster session

The opening plenary lecture entitled "Future Trends of Logistics in the Digital Age" was performed by Dr. Ing. Christian SCHWEDE from Fraunhofer IML, Germany. The second plenary speaker Prof. Jorma IMPPOLA from Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences, Finland, presented the invited lecture "E-business and its Challenges on Postal Logistics, Case Finland". The last plenary speaker Ing. Petra SOJKOVÁ from ŠKODA AUTO, a.s., Czech Republic, presented the invited lecture "Green Logistics at ŠKODA AUTO".

Chairmen of the Poster session evaluated the posters and decided to award:

The Best Poster Contest:
1st PLACE:
TITLE: Application of Multisets for Intermodal Terminals Design

2nd PLACE:
TITLE: International Commercial Terms and their Necessity for the Logistics

3rd PLACE:
TITLE: Digital and Lean: CIP Workshops in Logistics

During the congress, the participants enjoyed social evening and excursion of top-class solutions in ŠKODA AUTO Logistics.

The participants evaluated the congress as successful.

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IMPPOLA Jorma Jaakko Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, School of Business and Culture, Seinäjoki, Finland, EU,
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to illustrate the functional and economic difficulties which cheap China import packages have caused to postal services of receiving countries. This aim is reached by a case study from Finish postal logistics environment.. [..] Read more
BRANSKA Lenka University of Pardubice, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Pardubice, Czech Republic, EU,,,
Co-authors: PATAK Michal PECINOVA Zuzana
Abstract: The supply chain management application requires that members of the supply chain or network work together. Typically, this collaboration starts at the level of two neighbouring links, and other businesses are gradually involved. [..] Read more
JARZĘBOWSKI Sebastian Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland, EU,
Co-authors: BEZAT Natalia
Abstract: Digitalization has made its way to all industries. Technological enablers like broadband and mobile internet, wearables and big data or the Internet of Things and cloud computing have made it possible to develop entirely new business models and provide new offerings (value propositions) to customers. [..] Read more
PALIĆ Nermin University College „CEPS – Center for Bussines Studies“ Kiseljak, Faculty of Transport, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to propose an intermodal logistics Corridor Vc, relying on the European Union transport policy, which will be in the function of regional development. The main goal is to analyze a potential route of freight intermodal transport between the ports of Ploče and Brčko in order to popularize this intermodal line at the international level. [..] Read more
PATAK Michal University of Pardubice, Pardubice, Czech Republic, EU,,,,
Co-authors: BRANSKA Lenka PECINOVA Zuzana JANATA Daniel
Abstract: Information sharing within a supply chain has a number of positive impacts on its performance. However, to achieve highly effective communication, it is necessary that there are trust-based business partnerships and willingness to share correct and for the partner important information in the supply chain. [..] Read more
PECH Martin University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Faculty of Economics, Department of Management, Studentská 13, 370 05 České Budějovice, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: VANĚČEK Drahoš
Abstract: In today's globalized world the cooperation and close connection between enterprises reduce the mutual boundaries between them. Competitiveness of enterprises is nowadays a value-added challenge rather than a question of “how much to produce” or “how much to buy”. [..] Read more
RYCIUK Urszula Bialystok University of Technology, Bialystok, Poland, EU,
Abstract: In today's uncertain and turbulent markets, the most modern supply chains worldwide ensure real-time information exchange between partners. One could observe technological evolution that enables high level of information sharing based on smart devices and smart systems. [..] Read more
SOSNOWSKI Piotr Cezary University of Lodz, Faculty of Management, Lodz, Republic of Poland, EU,
Abstract: The aim of this article is to identify green practices and to determine their role in the context of building relationships with suppliers. In this case, green practices are defined as all practices related to managing processes of the organization in the way that minimalize the environmental impacts.The research method used in this paper is the review of the existing literature.Firstly, different types of green practices in the supply chain are identified and characterized. [..] Read more
Vaculík Juraj Univerzity of Žilina, Žilina, Slovak Republic, EU,,,
Co-authors: Paček Eduard Otto Ivan
Abstract: The main purpose of the solution is to design a consistency check of the consignment and to specify areas within the processing chain suitable for application of RFID technology. Custom solutions are in AMP environment in conjunction with logic processed in Excel environment. [..] Read more
WITKOWSKI Jarosław Wroclaw University of Economics, Jelenia Góra, Poland, EU,
Abstract: One of the most important and popular tool of contemporary e-logistics in supply chains are the different types of electronic freight exchanges. In the paper the main types of open and closed electronic freight exchanges as well as their advantages and disadvantages are presented. [..] Read more
MALINDŽÁK Dušan Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnologies, Institute of Logistics, Košice, Slovakia, EU,
Co-authors: STRAKOŠ Vladimír
Abstract: The paper has a scientific- pedagogical character. It deals with the justification of the need to prepare "logistics" experts for the field of continuous media and energies flows. [..] Read more
BARTOŠEK Vladimír Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Business and Management, Kolejní 2906/4, Brno, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: JUROVÁ Marie
Abstract: Automotive industry, more specifically manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (CZ-NACE 29), is one of the most important sectors of the manufacturing industry both in the European Union and the Czech Republic. In 2014, the total waste generated in the EU-28 by all economic activities and households amounted to 2,503 million tons [1]; 21% of the annual industrial waste production can be attributed to the manufacturing industry. [..] Read more
BESTA Petr VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: VILAMOVÁ Šárka JANOVSKÁ Kamila KUTÁČ Tomáš BEZECNÝ Jan
Abstract: Metallurgical production is based on the use of a wider range of technological processes, but also on a large number of input raw materials. The current highly competitive environment also brings considerable demands on the optimization of all partial processes and operations. [..] Read more
BÍNOVÁ Helena CTU in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Prague 2, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: HNÁT Vladimír MRÁČEK Vladimír
Abstract: Containerisation of goods is a trend, which is constantly increasing in a meaning of volume of transported goods. The most of bulk goods are transhipped through container terminals in seaports. [..] Read more
ZAPLETAL František VŠB – Technical university of Ostrava, Faculty of Economics, Ostrava, Czech Republic,
Abstract: Suppliers are an inevitable part of a logistics chain. It is crucial for each company to select the best possible suppliers. [..] Read more
FURMANN Radovan CEIT, a.s. – Central European Institute of Technology, Žilina, Slovakia, EU,,,
Co-authors: MAČUŠ Peter ŠTEFÁNIK Andrej HERČKO Jozef
Abstract: Production and logistics systems are currently undergoing revolutionary changes. They are gaining new features and functionalities. [..] Read more
GACEK Stanisław ANGA Uszczelnienia Mechaniczne sp. z o. o. Kozy, Poland, EU,
Abstract: The paper presents a genetic algorithm being used for production scheduling in a real-life small batch and multi assortment production company in Poland. The algorithm has been implemented in an already functioning scheduling module of an ERP system. [..] Read more
KLEPACKI Bogdan Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW, Warsaw, Poland, EU,,
Co-authors: PERKOWSKA Aleksandra
Abstract: The study presents the importance of cereal production in Poland. A diagram of the supply chain in agribusiness was presented. [..] Read more
NAUMOV Vitalii Cracow University of Technology, Institute of Road and Railway Engineering and Transport, Cracow, Poland, EU,
Co-authors: LORENC Augustyn SOLARZ Agnieszka
Abstract: Technological processes of freight transport are characterized by stochasticity of indicators describing its efficiency. The mentioned randomness is usually could be explained by the stochasticity of demand for transport services. [..] Read more
STRACHOTOVÁ Dana UCT - University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic, EU,;;
Co-authors: ZEMANOVÁ Petra BOTEK Marek
Abstract: A great deal of research claims that Industry 4.0 is the future form of industrial development. By contrast, managers of Czech companies claim that their processes are not ready for this conception. [..] Read more
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