Conference Proceedings - OCELÁŘI 2012

28. ročník konference o teorii a praxi výroby a zpracování oceli
4. - 5. dubna 2012 / Hotel Relax, Rožnov p. Radhoštěm, Česká Republika
ISBN: 978-80-87294-28-4

The 28th edition of the traditional steel conference Theory and Practice of Steel Production and Processing was held at the Relax Hotel on 4 - 5 April 2012. It should be stated at the outset that this event is considered to be perhaps the only truly still working conference organised by metallurgists. Let us add that the papers published in the nicely and clearly done proceedings are not among the proceedings that are classified as impacted periodicals. Even - as some participants commented at the last 27th edition - the paper presented here is not highly formally ranked in the cited literature.

Nevertheless, there is a permanent presence of staff from our metallurgical companies as well as participants from universities and research institutes. And they really have a lot to say to each other. This year was no different. A total of 88 participants were registered for the conference. Of these, 71 were from 38 companies and research institutes and four from universities. Let us recall that three colleagues were from Poland and four from Slovakia. Let us add that the "attendance" of this event, approaching the hundred (this year it was also the case, as some colleagues came only for the social evening or one or the other day for the presentation of a paper), has remained stable practically since its beginning.

A total of 24 papers were presented at the conference out of the 28 that were included in the aforementioned proceedings. A total of 71 views, questions or opinions were presented in the public discussion. Only three papers were without official response. And, of course, the topics presented were also discussed on the sidelines of the conference. This is certainly a testimony to the lively interest of the participants as well as to the interesting topics presented and selected by the Preparatory Committee.

There is no point in listing here all the papers that were presented at the conference or published in the proceedings. They were focused on the actual theoretical and practical problems of steelmaking as well as on disciplines without which this field cannot exist at all. Let us at least mention the problems of measurement, instrumentation, energy issues and refractories. Let's add that there were also contributions focused on economics and, as usual, on Czech foundries.

Thus, as is obvious, it will be useful for Czech metallurgists to at least take a look at the mentioned proceedings. And they will certainly find there suggestions for their work from the above mentioned list of 28 contributions or even hints of solutions to their current problems. It goes without saying that nothing can replace the original atmosphere of the conference, listening to the participants and personal discussions with them. However, not everyone managed to organize a stay in Roznov.

We cannot fail to mention that both among the participants and among the lecturers there were many young representatives of our plants and schools. And this is certainly gratifying. The genuine interest of the participants and their discipline is also impressive.

The 28th Conference is certainly one of the successful events. It is also remarkable that the organizing organization TANGER, s.r.o. replaced the proven and successful Ing. Jaromír Kupka by Ing. Kateřina Sanetrníková. And she definitely presented herself very well as a careful conference organizer. So let's look forward with optimism to the 29th edition of OCELÁŘI 2013, which will be held in April 2013!

Assoc. Prof. Ing. Václav Kafka, CSc.

The articles in the Conference proceedings are mostly in Czech language.

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