METAL - International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials

Conference Proceedings - METAL 2020

29th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials
May 20 - 22, 2020 / Brno, Czech Republic, EU
ISSN: 2694-9296
ISBN: 978-80-87294-97-0
Proceedings of the conference have already been published in Scopus and we are waiting for evaluation and potential indexing in Web of Science.

On the 29th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials - METAL 2020, 215 people from 19 countries around the world were registered (such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Lithuania, but also from Chile and Mexico). 226 articles were submitted to the following sections:
Session A - Advanced Iron, Cast Iron and Steelmaking
Session B - Metal Forming
Session C - Steel Products - properties
Session D - Modern Trends in Surface Engineering
Session E - Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys
Session F - Economics and Management of Metallurgical Production

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Čejková Petra University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic, EU
Co-authors: Kříž Antonín Brom Karel Steidl Petr
Abstract: The paper examines and compares the properties of laser clad deposits of Stellite 6 and Stellite 21 on 1.4923 + QT base material which is often used for power generation components. Cladding was performed using two different bead widths on a 63 mm diameter shaft with and without pre-heating. [..] Read more
EVIN Emil Technical University of Košice, Košice, Slovak Republic, EU,,
Co-authors: TOMÁŠ Miroslav KEPIČ Ján
Abstract: Besides customers and environmental requirements such as safety increase, the weight and emission reduction, and the life-time improvement, huge role plays corrosion resistance of the car-body components. This is improved by applying Zn-based coatings on the steel sheets. [..] Read more
HAGAROVÁ Mária Technical university of Košice, Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling, Košice, Slovak Republic, EU,,
Co-authors: JAKUBÉCZYOVÁ Dagmar BARANOVÁ Gabriela
Abstract: Corrosion - mechanical damage of the economizer pipe of the biomass boiler was analysed. Macroscopic, microscopic and SEM-EDX analysis were used for the analysis of steel samples. [..] Read more
MATĚJÍČEK Jiří Institute of Plasma Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic, EU,,,,,,
Co-authors: KLEČKA Jakub CIZEK Jan VEVERKA Jakub VILÉMOVÁ Monika CHRÁSKA Tomáš GANESH Vishnu
Abstract: For future fusion reactors, materials able to withstand harsh environments are needed. In particular, this concerns the plasma-facing components which are foreseen to consist of tungsten-based plasma-facing armor and structural and cooling part made of steel. [..] Read more
ABRASHOV Aleksey MUCTR - D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow, Russia,
Co-authors: KOLESNIKOVA Anastasiya GRIGORYAN Nelya VAGRAMYAN Tigran
Abstract: Recently, as an alternative to chromate protective layers at aluminum and its alloys, worldwide are used nanoscale adhesive coatings, obtained from hexafluorozirconic and hexafluorotitanic acids. The present study is devoted to the technology of development of these coatings.The process of deposition of titanium, zirconium-containing coatings at aluminum alloy 5556 is developed. [..] Read more
SIMONOVA Maria MUCTR - D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow, Russia,
Co-authors: ABRASHOV Aleksey GRIGORYAN Nelya VAGRAMYAN Tigran MEN'SHIKOV Vladimir
Abstract: The disadvantage of magnesium alloys is their low corrosion resistance due to high electronegativity. One of the most effective methods to improve the corrosion resistance of magnesium alloys is to form a conversion adhesive coating on their surface, followed by applying paintwork materials. [..] Read more
KESLOVÁ Anna Research and Testing Institute, Tylova 46, Pilsen, 301 00, Czech Republic, EU
Co-authors: HOUDKOVÁ Šárka VOSTŘÁK Marek ANTOŠ Jakub
Abstract: Thermally sprayed coatings are now used in many sectors of industry. In order to select the right material for a given application, it is necessary to know in detail the key properties of the coatings under consideration. [..] Read more
SHCHERBINA Ekaterina MUCTR - D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow, Russia,
Abstract: Absorbing surfaces of solar receivers are coated with black chrome, which provides the surface of steel or aluminum tubes with good absorption properties. However, the chrome coating does not protect well against corrosion because of its high porosity and high internal stresses, which cause a cracking of coatings. [..] Read more
MSALLAMOVÁ Šárka University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: KOUŘIL Milan MÍČEK František POPOVA Kateryna YERBE Jessika
Abstract: A lead was used in the past in a variety of applications for example for roofs of churches, garden ornaments, lead seals, and organ pipes. Lead alloys are susceptible to a corrosion attack in an environment containing volatile organic compounds especially acetic acid vapors. [..] Read more
SYROVÁTKA Šimon Department of Machining Technology, University of West Bohemia, Univerzitni 8, 30100 Pilsen, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: MARTAN Jiří
Abstract: One of the main benefits of ultrashort laser micromachining is the possibility of preparing various surface structures, including a diversity of shapes and dimensions. The goal of this paper was to fabricate hydrophobic surface structures and to study coherency between the wettability and antibacterial properties of these structures for their further ways of application. [..] Read more
PAPADATU Carmen-Penelopi Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, 47 Domneasca street, 800080, Romania, EU,
Abstract: Plasma nitriding applied after a non-conventional treatment in magnetic field to the steel used in industry, have been studied in this paper. It have been demonstrated that the energy of the magnetic field intervenes in the balance of the global power of the phase transformations in solid state altering the thermodynamics, kinetics and the mechanisms of processes, the structures and some properties of the steel. [..] Read more
Averina Julia Russian University of Chemical Technology D.I. Mendeleev, 125047, Russia, Moscow, Miusskaya pl., 9,
Co-authors: Kalyakina Galina Boldyrev Veniamin Cherednichenko Alexander Rybina Evgenia
Abstract: Chrome plating is widely used as a protective and decorative coating and to increase the wear resistance of measuring and cutting tools. To improve the properties of the chrome coating, nanosized particles are coprecipitated with it. [..] Read more
PRZESMYCKI Aleksander Institute of Manufacturing Technologies, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland, EU,
Abstract: The article presents the characteristics of ceramic tools designed to improve the condition of the surface layer of workpieces. After milling or turning, the surface layer of the workpiece often has several disadvantages, such as burrs or uneven roughness. [..] Read more
BRAJČINOVIĆ Sandra University of Zagreb, Faculty of Metallurgy, Sisak, Republic of Croatia, EU,,
Abstract: This paper presents the results of testing the corrosion behaviour of K110 tool steel for cold work in industrial emulsion medium (Lenox Band-Ade semi-synthetic oil + water, in a ratio of 1:10), water and 3.5% NaCl medium. Using the method of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and Tafel extrapolation, electrochemical measurements were performed in order to determine the corrosion parameters. [..] Read more
Vavřík Jaroslav COMTES FHT, Dobřany, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: Hrbáčková Taťána Salvetr Pavel Brázda Michal
Abstract: This paper explores a protective stellite coating on 1.4922 martensitic steel. Stellite coatings are often used to improve the properties of the part’s surface. [..] Read more
BELYAEV Igor Vladimir State University named after Alexander and Nikolay Stoletovs, Vladimir, Russia,
Co-authors: FROLOV Kirill STEPNOV Aleksey BAZHENOV Viacheslav KIREEV Andrey
Abstract: Anticorrosive Al-Zn coatings applied on Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets were studied. The coatings were deposited on the surface of permanent magnets by high-speed cold spraying using various temperature conditions. [..] Read more
BARTKOWSKA Aneta Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Engineering and Technical Physics, Poznan, Poland, EU,
Co-authors: BARTKOWSKI Dariusz JURČI Peter PRZESTACKI Damian
Abstract: The paper presents the results of laser processing of diffusion boronized layer on 145Cr6 tool steel. The aim of the study was to investigate the microstructure, phase composition analysis, microhardness as well as corrosion resistance of the newly-formed layer. [..] Read more
MARKOVÁ Kristýna VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, 17. listopadu 15/2172, Ostrava 708 33, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: PAVLOVSKÝ Jiří LANGOVÁ Šárka PÁNEK Petr
Abstract: The corrosion inhibition of steel in the hydrochloric acid solution by N-butylquinolinium bromide and 1-octyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride was investigated using electrochemical and weight loss methods. Both compounds under investigation act as mixed type inhibitors with predominantly anodic action. [..] Read more
WĘGLOWSKI Marek Stanisław Łukasiewicz – Institute of Welding, Gliwice, Poland, EU,
Co-authors: DWORAK Jerzy DYMEK Stanisław KALEMBA-REC Izabela WRONA Adriana KUSTRA Katarzyna LIS Marcin
Abstract: The plasma spray technology allows spraying a wide variety of materials. Atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) consists in injecting a powder feedstock material in a plasma jet to melt and accelerate the injected particles and spray them onto a substrate. [..] Read more
ZÁLIŠ Vít Czech Aerospace Research Centre, Prague, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: BÁRTA Jiří
Abstract: The aim of this study is to compare the corrosion resistance of anodic oxidation coatings on Al2024 alloy. Due to its composition with a high content of alloying elements (mainly Cu), anodization of this alloy is one of the difficult ones compared to most other alloys or pure aluminium. [..] Read more
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