METAL - International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials

Conference Proceedings - METAL 2019

28th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials
May 22nd - 24th 2019 / Hotel Voronez I, Brno, Czech Republic, EU
ISSN: 2694-9296
ISBN: 978-80-87294-92-5
Proceedings of the conference were published in Web of Science and Scopus.

28th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials METAL 2019 was held on May 22nd - 24th 2019 traditionally in Brno. From 460 registered participants, 423 persons from 27 countries attended the conference (208 participants from the Czech Republic, 86 from Poland, 39 from Russian Federation, 28 from Slovakia, 10 from Germany, 8 from Romania, 6 from the Republic of Korea, 6 from Austria and others for example from Turkey, Spain, Finland, Canada but also from Japan and Kazakhstan).

The participants presented 144 lectures and 250 posters. The conference was divided into six sessions and poster session due to the topics:
Plenary session (2 lectures), Session A (16 lectures; 19 posters), Session B (27 lectures, 35 posters), Session C (23 lectures; 46 posters), Session D (23 lectures; 43 posters), Session E (35 lectures; 79 posters), Session F (18 lectures; 28 posters).

The opening plenary lecture entitled "Magnesium Twin-Roll Casting Technology for Flat and Long Products” was performed by Dr.-Ing. Madlen Ullmann from Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, (Germany). Another plenary speaker Dr. Pavel Kučera, technical director of VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS a.s. (Czech Republic) presented the lecture "Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel, Energy Source and an Industrial Gas".

The conference programme also included commercial presentations of Thermo-Calc Software AB, NETZSCH-Geratebau GmbH, COMTES FHT Inc. and KEYENCE INTERNATIONAL (Belgium) NV / SA.

The social evening with wine tasting of South Moravia accompanied by Swing Quartet was held on the first day in hotel restaurant. 

The accompanying program, which included the Cruise ship on the Brno dam, the visit of the Pavilion Anthropos, VIDA! Science centre or Excursion to Starobrno Brewery, was held on Thursday. Participants highly appreciated the cultural program.

250 posters in the poster session took part in a Best poster contest. 3 prizes and five honorable mentions were announced based on the evaluation of chairmen of the sessions. Winners were awarded the diplomas and practical gifts. 

Winners of Poster session:
1st price - KAMYSNIKOVA Kateryna - Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics SAS, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, EU
2nd price - OPĚLA Petr - VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, EU
3rd price - LEE Hong Bum - POSTECH GIFT, Pohang, Republic of Korea

Honorable mentions:
TKADLEČKOVÁ Markéta -  VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, EU
JABŁOŃSKA Magdalena Barbara - Silesian University of Technology, Katowice, Poland, EU
PODANÝ Pavel - COMTES FHT a.s., Dobřany, Czech Republic, EU
SPIRIDONOVA Anastasiya - D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow, Russia
WNĘK Mariusz - Silesian University of Technology, Katowice, Poland, EU

Presentation of companies:
Thermo-Calc Software AB - sponsor and exhibitor
NETZSCH-Geratebau GmbH - sponsor and exhibitor
COMTES FHT a.s. - sponsor and exhibitor
Olympus Czech Group, s.r.o., člen koncernu - exhibitor
Carl Zeiss spol. s r.o. - exhibitor
Linde Gas a.s. - exhibitor
IEF - Brno Trade Fair
VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, FMT

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LAMPA Martin VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic, EU,,,
Co-authors: SIKOROVÁ Andrea SAMOLEJOVÁ Andrea
Abstract: In his work, a manager will come across situations, which will require him to make easy or complicated decisions. The company management often has to take into account the sequence of decisions, of which every decision affects the following one. [..] Read more
MICHLOWICZ Edward AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland,
Abstract: One quality that characterizes the management of manufacturing enterprises is the constant search for ways to improve the productivity of production processes. It is production that causes the main stream of materials, components, and parts to flow through individual departments and structures of a company. [..] Read more
NĚMEC Tomáš VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: NÉTEK Václav DRÁPALA Jaromír
Abstract: The article deals with the issue of the interconnection of economic and technological thinking in the process of selected product group and branches of metallurgical production. Growth in the commercial potential of distribution and redistribution of metallurgical products at large distances between the place of production and the place of consumption entails increased requirements for control of materials entering the manufacturing industry and final assembly. [..] Read more
PEKARČÍKOVÁ Miriam TUKE - Technical University of Kosice, Kosice, Slovak Republic, EU,,,
Co-authors: TREBUŇA Peter KLIMENT Marek
Abstract: Ergonomic rationalization of workplaces and the creation of optimal conditions for work performance have a positive impact on worker satisfaction, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity at work and reducing employee turnover. Therefore, for manufacturing companies where human labor is the dominant factor, efficiency gains are very important for ergonomic rationalization. [..] Read more
ROKICKI Tomasz Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Warsaw, Poland,
Abstract: The aim of this article is to present the relationship between the foreign trade in iron ore in European Union countries and the overall economic situation. The study covers the period from 2001 to 2017. [..] Read more
SIKOROVÁ Andrea VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic, EU,,,
Co-authors: LAMPA Martin MARTÍNEK Zdeněk
Abstract: The objective of this article is to compare and evaluate the most suitable washing technology of cleaning and degreasing machined parts after CNC machining, based on analysis of technological and economic criteria. Based on these criteria, costs of low-quality products are eliminated, production costs of manufactured parts are reduced, and the enterprise reaches higher profit. [..] Read more
SUŠKOVÁ Andrea VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic, EU,,
Co-authors: BUCHTOVÁ Jana
Abstract: The paper deals with essential aspects and steps that an enterprise must ensure, within its the organizational structure and the Information systems and technology and manufacturing processes in order to be able to successfully implement the calculation method of Activity Based Costing. The specification of these basic assumptions is mostly part of the input analysis of the costing system of company. [..] Read more
ŠAFRÁNEK Marek VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: VOZŇÁKOVÁ Iveta
Abstract: Despite the use of modern technologies that aim to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing, industrial production still brings with it some negative phenomena. This mainly relates to the production of waste materials of various types, properties, volumes and also adverse effects on the environment.Most primary raw materials are transformed into waste, so it is essential to maximize the rational use of not only all input materials and energies but also secondary waste materials from production processes. [..] Read more
TROJAN Jozef Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Košice, Slovakia, EU,,,
Co-authors: TREBUŇA Peter KLIMENT Marek
Abstract: The subject of this work is a production line in an anonymous enterprise. It is a production process of forming U-profiles of different thickness and structure. [..] Read more
ULEWICZ Robert Czestochowa University of Technology, Czestochowa, Poland, EU,
Co-authors: MAZUR Magdalena NOVY Frantisek
Abstract: The article presents the results of research related to the assessment of the impact of the use of selected lean tools on the level of safety in foundries. The factor analysed is the registration of potentially dangerous accidents and events in the foundry. [..] Read more
WNĘK Mariusz Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy, Department of Industrial Informatics, Katowice, Poland, EU,
Abstract: The chimney gate valve is widely used in the metallurgical industry as a control element in fume extraction systems of the furnace chamber. However, its flow characteristics are not appropriate for controlling this flow. [..] Read more
ZIMNÝ Ondřej VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic, EU,
Abstract: Present fast development of automation technology and its optimal implementation in control of metallurgical processes requires trained specialists who will be able to manipulate with it and also design and set it up. That requires special practical training of university students. [..] Read more
ZIMON Grzegorz Rzeszow University of Technology, Rzeszow, Poland, EU,
Abstract: Net working capital management is of key importance for the development of every enterprise. Net working capital directly affects the income, costs, profit and financial safety of business units. [..] Read more
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