METAL - International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials

Conference Proceedings - METAL 2020

29th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials
May 20 - 22, 2020 / Brno, Czech Republic, EU
ISSN: 2694-9296
ISBN: 978-80-87294-97-0
Proceedings of the conference have already been published in Scopus and we are waiting for evaluation and potential indexing in Web of Science.

On the 29th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials - METAL 2020, 215 people from 19 countries around the world were registered (such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Lithuania, but also from Chile and Mexico). 226 articles were submitted to the following sections:
Session A - Advanced Iron, Cast Iron and Steelmaking
Session B - Metal Forming
Session C - Steel Products - properties
Session D - Modern Trends in Surface Engineering
Session E - Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys
Session F - Economics and Management of Metallurgical Production

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PASKER Vít VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: GRYCZ Ondřej HLAVICA Robert FORETNÍK Pavel BARČÁKOVÁ Ivana
Abstract: The article deals with the automatic selection of the binarization method using advanced methods of artificial intelligence. The input images to the algorithms are images of serial numbers from industrial environments, for example on iron and steel billets, slabs, etc. [..] Read more
LAMPA Martin VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech republic, EU,,,
Co-authors: KONFRŠTOVÁ Pavla SAMOLEJOVÁ Andrea
Abstract: Electronic information transfer has existed for decades, and the many advantages of this type of communication are employed by large companies where quick, flawless and secure data transfer is essential. Many companies use advanced information systems internally, hence most of their documents are created in electronic format. [..] Read more
KLIMECKA-TATAR Dorota Czestochowa University of Technology. Czestochowa. Poland. EU.
Abstract: Titanium, invariably for decades, is the most promising metallic material used in medicine (implantology). And its suitability is primarily determined by biotolerance, which depends on the preparation of the surface of the elements. [..] Read more
CABAN Renata Czestochowa University of Technology, Faculty of Production Engineering and Materials Technology, Department of Materials Engineering, Czestochowa, Poland, EU,
Abstract: One of the most commonly used methods of quality management in manufacturing and industrial enterprises is the Pareto-Lorenz analysis. This method is currently one of the most frequently used conventional tools for the improvement the product quality and processes. [..] Read more
CZERWIŃSKA Karolina Rzeszow University of Technology, Rzeszow, Poland, EU, ORCID ID: 0000-0003-2150-0963,
Co-authors: DWORNICKA Renata PACANA Andrzej
Abstract: The aim of the study is to identify the causes of non-compliance of castings and ultimately, using quality management tools (5W2H I diagram Ishikawa), to reduce or eliminate the number of such non-compliance. The research was carried out using visual, luminescence and metallographic tests and the product was a diesel engine piston casting. [..] Read more
SAMOLEJOVÁ Andrea VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech republic, EU,
Co-authors: LAMPA Martin
Abstract: Lack of qualified human resources has, for several years now, been the biggest constraint on the development of Czech industry, particularly in manufacturing facilities where working conditions are difficult. This category includes foundries. [..] Read more
PAWLICZEK Adam Moravian University College Olomouc & University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic, EU,
Co-authors: KOLOŠ Pavel KOLUMBER Štefan
Abstract: The aim of the paper is to analyze and describe recent application of management tools in the enterprises worldwide including their utilization and trends in timeline compared to industrial companies in Olomouc region, Czech Republic. The main data source for presented paper is the research performed by Bain & Company, Inc. [..] Read more
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